About Us

We are revolutionising the car valeting sector with our waterless service. We come to you, save water and our nano-tech products are better for a vehicles paintwork.

Leading The Way To Sustainable Car Valeting

Our story began when our now Director became tired of the sub-standard service and level of clean delivered by both auto and hand car washes. Queuing up only to drive away with water streaks and swirls marks.

Sound familiar? Well, he then decided to venture into delivering  a luxury mobile car wash service. After some research, he found very few mobile options and, in early 2012, no one had even heard of waterless valeting let alone jumped on the bandwagon. A perfect marriage of a high-end luxury service alongside saving water and being eco-friendly was made.  

Fast forward 12 years, we are now providing our waterless mobile service across London and surrounding areas, to a loyal customer base of individuals, fleet services, showrooms and Chiswick Park – who cater for 75 on-site companies. An eco-friendly service that not only reduces our own carbon footprint but also that of our customers and commercial clients alike.

Furthermore, not only are our waterless products and methods better for the environment BUT they provide a far better clean and level of protection for a vehicles paint. Seeing really is believing so, we hope to see you soon and show you how amazing our service is.

Our Mission

Our main aim is to deliver a superior level of service, at our customers convenience, whilst supporting our environment by saving water.

Armed with our waterless products and cleaning methods, we further aim to re-write the ‘manual’ on mobile car valeting, by offering a sustainable alternative and, providing a better car wash experience and service. 

Finally, with the growth in the demand for our service already having seen substantial growth, we really do aspire to be the go to car valeting mobile service across the UK and to have our nanotech products used across the globe.

Our Process

From your initial experience of registering to use our service, right through to seeing your vehicle in showroom-like condition, we aim to make the whole process easy and efficient for our customers. 

So, forget about queueing  up at your local car wash and those annoying water streaks  and swirl marks left on your vehicle.

Book your valet with us today. 

1. Register & book your valet

Simply register your details or sign in to your account, select your valet with any ‘extras’ and, choose a convenient time/date. 

2. We arrive at your location

We arrive at your specified booking time and location to carry out your selected valet. We use our wash and wax nano-tech cleaning formula which immediately starts emulsifying dirt and grime.

3. Quality assurance & return your keys

Once complete your valeter and/or detailer will go over the work(s) delivered to ensure it meets our high standards and importantly your expectations. We then return your vehicle key and leave you in awe.

Our Work

This is where we get to show-off (just a little) our skills and workmanship. Below you will see some of our latest featured valets including that showroom gloss-shine that we achieve and guarantee every time. 

featured valet

1958 Mercedes-Benz SL 190

Since 2008, we have had the pleasure of detailing many classic cars, with none being more enjoyable than this 1958 Mercedes SL 190.

We were approached by the owner, and learnt that the vehicle needed some detailing work done on various panels, so we popped round to inspect the works needed and agree a treatment plan.

The next day our detailer carried out a full-premium valet which includes the application of a high grade sealant. The interior was deodorised and the leather seats fully cleansed and conditioned.

The carpets were then shampooed followed by a clean and conditioning of all interior and exterior chrome elements.


Join The Waterless Revolution

featured valet

Toyota HRV Hybrid

We completed a mini-valet on this HRV which takes around 60 minutes depending on the size of vehicle. We do sometimes surprise ourselves and the supreme-gloss finish we achieved on this certainly did that. Our mini valet is the perfect ‘regular’ wash which ensures your vehicle is kept in great condition year round. 

featured valet

Rolls Royce Phantom

Loving the gloss-finish? We completed a full valet on this Phantom. These do take time to clean (and we love taking our time in doing so to be completely honest), however the results speak for themselves. This customer added a 2-stage interior sanitation as an extra, perfect for ‘peace of mind’ during the pandemic.

featured valet

Tesla Model S

The future of the car valeting sector and automotive industry in one photo. The perfect marriage of sustainable car valeting with electric vehicle was made when we completed a exterior wash on this Tesla Model S. Our exterior wash includes a wash and wax, which brought this Tesla back to showroom condition within 25 minutes.  Notice no water or product mess is anywhere to be seen and the customer was left in awe of our fast and efficient service.

Nanotech cleaning formula

What is Nanotech?

Defined simply, nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at subatomic level (smaller than an atom). ‘Nano’, like ‘milli’, is actually a unit of measurement.

To put it in context – 1mm is the smallest division on a ruler, the thickness of about 10 sheets of paper. A micrometre is 1000 times smaller than a millimetre. A nanometre is 1000 times smaller still.

To give you an idea of how small that is, it would take 8 hundred nanometer particles side by side to match the width of a human hair!

How does it work?

The general principle is that the nanoparticles are much smaller than the average product particles and can therefore get deeper into the surface of the paintwork and provide a more even and smoother barrier to harmful particles that may otherwise attack or bond to the paint. This is best illustrated in the diagram to the left.

Why Nanotech is better?

The benefits are numerous. Firstly, the all-natural formula actually captures and reduces dirt particles and lifts them off the surface of your vehicle. This unique ability prevents scratches, unlike a traditional car wash, which merely grinds in dirt.

Once applied, the tighter packed nano particles provide a better more protective barrier i.e. fewer gaps for anything else to penetrate.

The future is bright – the future is Nano.

It is inevitable that we will see nanotech products develop further and we aim to keep providing you with the best and most advanced cleaning solutions in the industry.

The use of sustainable cleaning products goes hand-in-hand with the automotive industry going ‘green’, with electric vehicles becoming a must – not a choice.

We believe that the car wash sector needs to ‘go-green’ parallel to the automotive industry and, using nanotech, being the first firm step to do so. 


Saving Water

Did you know that most of the world’s population does not have direct access to clean water? We are very lucky to live in a country where clean water is available as soon as we open our taps. 

Saving water literally does translate into saving lives. Since water is essential for life itself, we need to conserve it for future generations. We currently use and misuse water so more than is necessary.

No2H2o makes regular contributions to water based charities which provide avenues to clean water supplies in some of the most needy areas of our planet.

Waterless valeting is not only the future BUT for the future. 

No messing around

• On average, we only use 200ml of solution to wash and wax your car and, we guarantee an amazing shine every time.

 Being waterless means no water or product mess as well as no run off or water streaks.

 No product or water mess going into the sewers means we lower our collective carbon footprint, supporting our environment one valet at a time.

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