Currently we cater for over 50 businesses a few examples include Paramount Pictures, CBS News, Pernod Ricard, Tullow Oil, Aker Solutions, Air France, Kudos Entertainment and the list goes on.

We have prided ourselves on providing a first class service which has helped the workforce of both large and small companies to free up much valued out of work time. A factor that is gladly overstated by our customers!

Drop us an email or fill out our enquiry form and we will be happy to facilitate your needs, whether that be 1 or a 100+ vehicles.

Outsourcing your Valeting and Onsite Maintenance needs to NO2H2O will help save both time and effort for any organisation as well as being cost efficient. This allows management to focus their attention on other areas of your business.

Say goodbye to the outdated bucket, sponge and water systems employed by majority of showrooms across the UK, this type of poor system is proven to leave brand new and used cars alike looking dull and full of scratch/swirl marks! A simple demonstration has proven on countless occasions that our Waterless Nanotech solution is superior in all aspects. This all amounts to No Mess, No Waste and No Wet Forecourts whilst achieving a great showroom shine.

NO2H2O brings you the latest in Nano Technology that provides a deep long lasting clean which brings out the natural colour pigments in paintwork whilst negating the use of water.

Help save millions of litres of water and reduce your Carbon Footprint by joining the NanoTech revolution!

Get in contact today for a demonstration that will outshine any conventional system!

Running a successful hotel we understand is all about providing amazing customer service to guests. Hence why NO2H2O’s Valeting Service is a perfect addition to any hotels existing Service list.

Guests are simply amazed when they come out to a freshly cleaned car, and are further astounded when they realise that no water has been used! This also means no dirty car park floors from water and soap run off.

We have discovered that our hotel service has been extremely popular amongst business and regular guests alike, always grateful for the time and effort we have saved them from visiting a car wash, your welcome!

Contact us today to add us to your hotels service list and give your guests another reason to feel comfortable in their stay and give them another reason to revisit!

Chiswick Business Park

We are proud to work in collaboration with Enjoy Work at Chiswick Business Park based in Chiswick, London. We very much buy into Enjoy Work's ethos of making their guests lives easier – by providing a waterless car valeting service at the convenience of our Chiswick Park customers while they are at work. NO2H2O has built a solid rapport and loyal customer base at Chiswick Park and we look forward to providing our well received services for many a year to come.

Air France

Air France offices based near Heathrow Airport, London, is one of our first clients and we have provided our car valeting service for over 4 years here. We have been and continue to provide Air France staff our on-site waterless car valeting service. At this site, we have been able to operate and provide our car valeting services within a tight car park environment with minimal disruptions to our customers or visitors on-site. We ensure we have a supervisor and staff who have a FULL UK Driving licence and are fully covered under our business trade insurance policy, to move/drive customer vehicles (if necessary)

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