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Are you exploring ‘Going-Green’?

Some services are meant for each other.

We support organisations  and site management companies  in achieving their Corporate Social Responsibility goals by negating the use of water when cleaning vehicles.

On average, we save around 250 litres of water per clean. This increases to a saving of over 300 litres for the average sized van.


We are experienced in providing Fleet Management services, where we have significantly contributed to the reduction of a organisations carbon footprint.

Case Study – Chiswick Business Park

Since 2014, we have been contracted to the estate management company, Enjoy-Work, at Chiswick Business Park, where we cater for over 70 companies across their site.

The management team have dedicated themselves to creating a carbon neutral site, achieving this to an award winning standard. 

Our service has fully supported their eco-friendly ethos by saving over 10 million litres of water over the years alongside delivering 1000’s of premium level valets.



Providing on-site services for over 70 companies.

We valet your fleet vehicles where they are parked. And we gurantee no water or product mess.

LEts go ‘greener’ together


Meet your CSR targets


Save 1000s of litres of water daily


Fully trained and uniformed staff


Public and Employer liability


No water or product mess


Dedicated Account Manager


24/7 around the clock support


Experienced in managing fleets

Case Study – Tesla

Over a period of two years, we helped Tesla – Park Royal, save over 8 million litres of water by transitioning their conventional water based car washes to our waterless service.

Superior washes with no water run-off meant vehicles were cleaned without any streak marks, producing simply stunning cleans with a high gloss-finish.

Electric vehicles being cleaned without water in perfect harmony.



Case Study – Wash Doctors

We work collaboratively with Wash Doctors, managing their fleet services.  Not having to carry huge tanks of water means that each of our units is able to clean 100’s of vehicles without the need to restock.

Negating the use of hose pipes, which in themselves can create a hazard, all the while saving 1000’s of litres of water daily. 

No2H2o have revolutionised the way Wash Doctors offer their fleet services to their commercial clients.

With continued demand and growth, we now look forward to expanding our collaborative operations with Wash Doctors nationwide. 

Watch this space for future updates! 



“No2H2o are fantastic and very diligent in their work. I have used other Waterless companies in the past but No2H2o go above and beyond.”
– Will, Wash Doctors


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