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Shaf Ali
Founder & Managing Director @ No2H2o

17th March 2021

It’s hard not to focus on the potential of our future these days. Over the past two decades especially, technology in so many areas, from communications to automotive, has advanced so fast and so far that it has caused a shift in how we all think about the future.

For years, electric cars were available from only a handful of companies – Tesla of course, plus the BMW i3, the Nissan Leaf or Toyota’s Prius being the most famous examples. But now almost every car company on the planet is stepping into the ring.

Within a decade, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK will be banned and, the technology used to make them will be obsolete.

As the push to ‘Go Green’ gathers pace, the need for complimentary and collaborative ‘green’ services are needed more than ever. At No2H2o, we certainly feel that offering a eco-friendly alternative to a conventional car wash is a MUST and not just an option or personal preference anymore.

Our eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning solutions help to save wasting vast amounts of water and electricity, together with eliminating waste water and products polluting our sewage systems.

On average, we save over 200 litres of water with each one of our valets. To put that into context, if every vehicle in London was washed just once a year, that would translate into over 500 million litres of water being wasted. Therefore, it is to no surprise that eco conscious individuals and businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the waterless and eco-friendly cleaning techniques.

‘So, you have bought an electric vehicle or upgraded your fleet to meet Corporate Social Responsibility targets, but are still using conventional car wash methods, wasting on average 200 litres of water per wash…’

Make no mistake, purchasing and making a ‘greener’ choice for you next vehicle is to be applauded. However, then continuing to use methods that harm our planet such as wasting water and electricity is contradictory.

We see the electric vehicle revolution triggering off a revolution in the car wash, valeting and detailing sectors now. Where, the use of more eco-friendly and minded products alongside reducing waste water are essential for our planets well-being.

The ‘Go Green’ revolution has been very important for the Earth. It has allowed us to see the harms of wasting water and air pollution as well as what this does to our environment and human health. It has also allowed us to see our sustainable energy problems like the fact that we don’t have enough resources to last the earth 200 years.

It is therefore, in the merging of sustainable and eco-friendly services and technologies, that we can make a real difference. Collaborative working and being mindful of further ‘green’ choices, that are available and we can make is essential in continuing ‘our’ collective ‘go green’ efforts.

At No2H2o, we offer a waterless and eco-friendly service, so if you are the owner of an electric vehicle already or are starting out on your ‘go green’ journey, then there is no better way to boost your sustainability credentials than by booking your waterless car wash with us today.




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